About Me


Assalammualaikum wbt.

I’ve never really been that good at introducing and talking about myself but let’s give it a try. A lot of people called me Sara but my real name is Liyana. I’d prefer to be called Lyne but I would love to change my name to Keith. Just kidding, my name is Aneezah Johnson, don’t forget the ‘E’ or the ‘H’ and it is pronounced as A-Ni-Zah not A-Ni-Sa or A-Ne-Za but you can call me Soo, got it? Good! I was born on 19th March 2002. I’m currently studying at SMK Segama. My favourite subjects are Mathematic and Science! 3 Amanah aka 3 Awesome student! Loves guitar and drama! Well,I don’t think you’re interested in this kind of introduction. Let’s cut this off!

I’m taking this chance to show my talents in blogging and apply this skill in real life because examinations and group assignments in school don’t always capture my unique skills and hidden talent or accurately measure my ability. I believe this will help me to achieve my educational and professional goals. It also would provide me an enriching and stimulating experience that allow me to apply this kind of knowledge to a specific and practical problem.

2017 is a good year to start something right? Although I might be late but it is never too late to start something new. Blogging is quite challenging since time is my biggest rival now. Plus,my English is really bad but I believe I can improve it. I’ll be writing my articles in English,Malay or both? Nge,based on my mood la. By the way,bahasa rojak is easier to understand than proper English kan!


“Macam muka cina.”

“Orang cina?”

Well,I went to Chinese school before and I can speak not-really-fluent Chinese but no I’m not Chinese. Also,I’m quite tall,around 165 cm and ya I do play basketball BEFORE. Now I tend to do some indoor activities. They told me I can be a stewardess,herp not my style okay. I think I’m going to be a writer or director maybe? Inshaallah. Just imagine how sophisticated I look when I attend to my own movie premiere. Amin!

My Main Goal?

There’s no specific goals actually. I’m just blogging for fun,sharing my knowledge and experience. Also my personal thought,hobby or review on something else.

I live in a crazy fantasy world with unexpected and unrealistic expectations.

I will be all that I need to be

You will see all that you need to see

I’ll turn my fantasy into a reality and live it forever!