FEBRUARY GIVEAWAY by Lady in Red Planner


Assalammualaikum wbt

I saw this giveaway on my timeline and I thought it’s quite interesting and the rules are simple too.

Apa yang anda suka baca dalam blog seseorang?

Things I like in one’s blog or website are..

1.When they talk about theirselves

Things like,”10 things I hate the most”,”7 awesome facts about me”. I just love it seriously. I feel like I’m knowing them more through those posts. Some may think these kind of articles show that they’re self-praising too much but for me it’s not. It’s making me,as reader feel excited to know you,the blogger better.

2.Food! (Restaurant,Food Court Suggestions and Review)

Oh my god,this is my favourite thing on one’s blog too. I love food,everyone loves food. Those mouth-watering pictures of food makes me crave for it when I read the articles. I tend to follow those food bloggers because I like to travel and when I do,I don’t shop or spend my money on souvenir,instead I spend most of my money to eat and eat.

3.Short Story

I love to read. I followed many writers on FB,Instagram,Twitter and so on. Whenever one of the bloggers I followed posted a “story-like-article” I would read it because it gives me inspiration and helped me to improve my writings.

4.Review on Book,Movie or Software

Last but not least,I like to explore about almost everything but time is never on my side. Reading those reviews helped me to choose the exactly right stuff that suits my style. Me,myself love to write a review on novel.

And of course,those are from my point of view. In fact,I love almost everything they posted on their blog. Blogging and blogwalking helped me to become more open minded. Frankly speaking,every blogger has their own way to blog and make themselves happy. I’m just really glad to read all those articles.


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