Longest January Ever!


Assalammualaikum wbt.

This is the longest January ever! Please agree with me! I can’t believe that we had gone through 5 Mondays this month. FIVE MONDAYS. Which means there are five perhimpunan rasmi and I had to wake up really early! Ngia! I hate Monday. Monday hates you too. (Actually I saw this somewhere but I can’t recall when it was,never mind)

Any Miracle?

Of course no. There’s no such thing as miracle exist since the first day of school. Haaaa! I got scolded on first day of school and that’s make me sad for wholeeeee year! The fact I was transferred to a place where people like to judge about things you like made me really” disappointed.

What’s Up?

I gained so much weight last month,maybe 7 kilograms? 2 weeks later,I lost it all like suddenly lost my weight. Why? I tend to skip my meal and spent my first 2 weeks crying for some reason (I didn’t know why) Everything feels so wrong since the first day of 2018.


Well..moving to another school will never be my favourite thing so I just think that I need to find the old me again. The happy me by doing things I like. Being Star DJ? Inshaallah. I was known as a really introverted person who never talk unless needed but when I was needed to talk,I’ll be really nervous. It feels like the sky is falling right onto me,it’s stressing me out!

My Mind Lately…

When they told me I should move to another school I was like why? Seriously why? They said my previous study environment is not good but for me seriously it’s better than now. They said I should get more friends,oh moving to another school=getting a lot new friend. Well for you maybe,just to remind you that I’m a shy and introvert girl that couldn’t order burger for herself. I hope so. Getting new friends,being new me the better version of myself…


23 thoughts on “Longest January Ever!

  1. Hehehe. Muda muda memang rasa boring. Takda benda nak buat. Belajar pun tak sampai mood lg. Masa bulan Januari masih lagi bulan berehat. Macam warm up. Nanti dah banyak tugasan, rehat pun tak sempat dik. Enjoy while it last. Haha.

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  2. That’s normal. As a student, going to school is the most laziest thing to do. Especially when its Monday. Goshh. The perhimpunan is the thing i hate the most. Ucapan sepatah dua kata is never sepatah dua kata. Beribu-ribu kata. Luckily kids nowadays, they can sit during perhimpunan. During my days, we had to stand throughout the perhimpunan tau.

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  3. lain plak sis..sis love monday sesangat sebab monday is my offday no monday blues hihi..bab naik kilo tu mmg stress..sis pun naik pun nak diet aduiii lapaq nasi sesaja cam manoo


  4. Ingatkan yang bekerja jer monday blues. Budak sekolah pon monday blues jugak yer. Banyak jugak naik nerat badan tu. Tapi ok lah cepat turun berat.


  5. Me too, 2018 doesn’t feel good at all. At least the first month, i need to go through lots of things, haih, But at least you’re still so young. How nice.


  6. aik.. terbalik pulak.. kami yang dah DEWASA ni.. hihihihi.. dewasa la kan.. bukan tua tau.. hahaha.. kami yang dewasa ni rasa nak kembali jadi student je..zaman sekolah tak se boring sekarang.. hehehe


  7. It is not about the environment or people around you as I can see is just about the mindset you could set in you. Changing school is just like changing working environment. You will still face the same thing if we carrying the same mood and mindset.
    Read more books that can motivate you.


  8. It’s part of life dear. Not all people like us but it doesn’t matter at all. As long u r happy with ur life. Journey is still long way to go. Just move on and be at ur best. I also experience the same – being scold in front of other student plus get punishment but it make me even stronger inside.


  9. I had the same problem once, my parents moved me to another high school because they thought I could get better grades at the new one, to be honest I really hated it at frist but as soon as I started to blend in everything fell into place. Good luck 🙂


  10. Biasa la tu dikk.. tak kisah la sekolah ke belajar ke, hari Isnin la paling malas. Hakak yang duk tanam anggur ni pun ada mood monday blues gak.. Apa2 pun yang penting life must go on.. tak gitu??? hihi


  11. Jangan skip meal, kena makan but kurangkan amek nasi and replace ok! Huhu. Its ok, facing new environment. Nanti banyak lagi pengalaman yang nak ditempuh. try to adapt, challenge urself ya. Boleh je hadapi perkara tu. Hope everything back to the line ya. Cheer up gurl!


  12. teringat masa sekolah dulu, rasa macam tu jugak tapi bila dah start sibuknya memang tak fikir pasal tu dah. bila dah habis sekolah nanti mesti teringat zaman tu hehe. biasalah zaman belajar kan. kena susah2 dulu, baru jumpa senangnya


  13. Hehehe samalah gan anak sis..bila monday je liat betul nak ke sekolah. Tapi bila dah start…syiok pulak sampai asyik nak keluar awal sb nak jumpa kawan2…ummm. Apa2 pun mood akan datang bila dikelilingi rakan2 yg rapat…cr kwn yg menceriakan


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