Chapter 1: New Me?


Assalammualaikum wbt.

Let’s start with good news first.

I moved to another school:)

Bad news is

I moved to another school:(

Another good news,I got account stream.

Another bad news,I got account stream.

Indeed a simple person with such a complicated mind.

I can’t understand myself either.

Weird thing is…

My new school is obviously better than my previous school.


One. It’s only about 4 km away,my previous school is about 17 km away from my home but there’s a but! I need to go to school much earlier than before. Where’s the logic?

Two. I don’t know why _and still don’t know why) my school is weirdly cooler than before. I mean it’s a school in ‘city’ but it’s not like what I expected to be. It’s much cooler. Maybe because the class is on 2nd floor.

Ha! That’s the third one. My class is only on 2nd floor,unlike before we need to crawl up to 3rd floor for our class.

Four. Since it’s a dual session school.  The school dismissed earlier than my previous school and you know what,the recess time is much longer than before. Yet! I didn’t have proper transport to go home. Funny,I moved here for the same reason but still they told me to take a bus then I was like seriously? So why can’t I just stay at my previous school and took a bus everyday just like a normal student? I don’t like bus but if I have to I will take it but now the thing is I’m right here,the place I don’t even belong to…

Culture Shock

They always decide something without asking my opinion like they just transferred me to here and there. I’m getting used to it. I’ve been experiencing this thing while in form 1. Culture shock! And again I’m experiencing again this year. Surprise? *eye roll*

I just…totally speechless. Like if you ask me what I want,anything I need I think I can’t answer it. It’s really hard for me to blend in this time. It feels like everyone is trying to get rid of me. It feels like I don’t belong here.

If I have a chance to…

To what? I don’t even know what I need or what I want right now. I don’t know,maybe I’ll feel much better in few months…




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