Short Story

Last Words


Assalammualaikum wbt

That almost soundless knocking noises on the door wake him up from his deep sleep. He walks into his door to answer that mysterious midnight call.

A girl steps inside and slowly approaching him. He’s completely speechless. She keeps going forward and lay her head on his shoulder. She let herself fall into his arm. Her white shirt is damp. He also notices the bloodstains on her back but he choose to ignore it for now. She’s finally here. His long waiting finally worth it.

He hold her close and for the first time in his life,she didn’t push him away. He gives her a light pat on her back,comforting her.

“I’m hungry.” He can hear the crack in her voice as she’s about to burst into tears.

He holds both her shoulders and look into her pity eyes, “I’ll see what I have. Go and clean yourself first. Change your clothes,I afraid you’ll catch a cold if you keep wearing wet clothes.”

She smiles at him and grabs the towel before walking into his washroom.

He can’t stop smiling while preparing the food for her. He can’t stop thinking about how she fell into her arm just now. The whole things just keep making him blushes.

She walks out from his room,wearing his black shirt and blue pant. She pulls the chair. Adam hears the squeaky noises from the chair. He looks at her for seconds then turns around to focus on his cooking and smiles again,realizing the fact that he’s not dreaming.

He’s done with his tomato soup. It should be enough to serve two of them.

“Silent night,a hot tomato soup and you. Nothing can beat this.” He smiles.

“What’s with that smile?” She asks.

“I miss you,that’s why.” He tells her,without any hesitation.

Her spoon drops off her hand upon hearing it from him.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,I miss you too.”

“Are you sure you have nothing to tell me?”

She shakes her head. “I have. A lot.”

“Then tell me.”

He hears the loud and clear knocking noise again. He ignores it but they keep knocking the door again and again. She tells her to answer it, “It’s okay. I’ll be fine. Just go.”

He walks into the door and open it. His best friend,Naim is there,running out his breath.

“Adam! What took you so long?”

“I’m sleepy okay. What brings you here? I’m not having any teh tarik with you at this hour. Come on,I’m not darah muda anymore and so are you.”

“Forget teh tarik,darah muda. Listen to me. Stay calm and let me explain everything.”

“Can we just have a sit first? I have a guest inside.”

“A guest? At this hour? Ah forget that. There’s no time for this. Sha had an accident and…she didn’t survive it.”

“Sha? Which Sha? Shazlina?”


“Sharina? What do you mean by that? Sharina died in an accident?”

“She was your best friend. Let’s pray the best for her.”

“Naim,I’m not playing this with you. This is not funny. Stop it,both of you.”

“Please,accept it. She’s gone.”

“Nah,she didn’t. She’s enjoying my tomato soup inside. Sharina. She’s there.”

“Wake up,Adam! It’s time to move forward.”

“Come,I’ll show you.” He grabs Naim’s hand and take him to the kitchen.

He’s completely out of words. Sha is out of his sight. The only things that left in the room are bloodstains and neatly folded clothes. That’s right,his black shirt and blue pants. He walks to the door again to check her shoes. Nothing left except a note.

meeting you was one of the greatest fate I’ve ever had. thanks for everything. for every awkward situation you put me into. for every interesting conversation we’ve ever had. for every piece of advice you’ve ever gave. for never ignoring me. for always being there for me. sorry for burdening you all this time. I’ll miss your sweetest smiles and laughs. thanks for the memories. I didn’t mean to wake you up tonight but that is my only chance to see your face before I leave this world. I miss you too. I’m relieved to hear that words from you. enjoy your life. don’t miss me too much,til we meet again.

Adam broke into tears.

“Those teary eyes…I shouldn’t let her go alone.”

He takes the kitchen knife and stabs himself in the heart.




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