Happy New Year!


Assalammualaikum wbt


It’s 2018 already!!! I’m really looking forward to this year! I still have a week of holiday since form 4 students admission will be held on next week so that’s a good new for me! Bad new is I wouldn’t have much time for my blog this year T..T My writing will be really short and lacky for this year so I’d like to apologize in advance.


Just like the stars that shine in every dark night’s dawn,those precious moment that we created in 2017 will always be in my thought. 2018 is here. Let’s create a better story this year,together!

Someone told me this before,life is like a book. They give you a new book every year so you can write a new and better story than previous year. You’re the author. The pencil is yours,this story is yours!

This is my 16th book. How about you? I finished my 15th book with nice and beautiful words. Today is the new start. It’s first blank page of another 365 book. Every year.I’d promise myself to write a better story than before. I hope you ended yours well but if you don’t,it’s time to start it again.

Happy new year!

May the divine blessings of Allah lights up your life with peace, joy and prosperity!


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