My Miracle In December


Assalammualaikum wbt


2017 is a great year so leave all the sorrows behind and write a good ending for 2017.

Any Miracle?

Of course! It’s December. It’s winter (well,not here but close enough) Winter means Christmas and Christmas means gift. Gift means EXO. EXO released Winter Album for aeri! This is the title track,’Universe’.

*Random fact*

This album is quite unique and outstanding from the previous album since the entire album is gender neutral. They used you/me instead of he/she in the lyrics which means both gender can enjoy the songs!

And this is my favourite track! Been Through. The lyrics are awesome and Kyungsoo’s falsetto is fascinating.

Lay also released his winter gift. Goodbye Christmas is the title track. There’s an English version of it too.

What’s Up?

I just went back from a really long vacation three days ago. It was really tiring but I glad I had so much fun. Travelling to another country feels so different. Learning people culture,discovering their city. I can’t believe I gained so much weight in just two weeks T..T Looks like I’ll have to start dieting from now.


I bought many books this time. Muahaha. I’ll post the reviews of it soon (when I’m done reading it)


I don’t mind spending my whole holiday at home anymore :p

My Mind Lately…

I’m still waiting….whether I got accepted or not. School day is less than a week and it’s bugging me. I hate school!!! I don’t know why others are really excited about it. I like to study and I’m completely okay with homework,examinations are not a big deal but school ngia,I never liked it. School means you have to get up early (unless if you’re in sesi petang),extracurricular on Saturday! Carrying thoseee thick and heavy books,ironing your uniforms and have to sit on the same place for whole day,every day! 7 hours of school feels like forever.

Anyway,this is my last article for 2017. Let’s meet again next year!


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