How To Download Sony Vegas Pro 15 (For Free!)


Assalammualaikum wbt

Had you guys read my previous article? If you haven’t read it,you can click the link below..

Best Video Editing Software Ever! (And It’s Free)

Here,I’m going to show you how to download Sony Vegas Pro 15 in your computer for free. It’s a really simple procedure which only require you to have good internet connection,Winrar Zip Archive or any other software that could easily extract it into file and of course a computer!

Here’s the link


Click the link and it will direct you to this page. Choose download then sit down and wait patiently. It might take a while or longer,depending on your internet speed.

Screenshot (38).png

Once it done,move it to your desktop (from the download file) so it’s easier for you to process it. Left click on your mouse and click on extract file.

Screenshot (40).png

Then you’ll have this file here,now you can delete the one in the zip format.

Screenshot (41).png

Open the folder and click the trial version of Vegas Pro 15 to run it

Screenshot (43).png

Choose your language and click next.

Screenshot (45).png

Click install.

Screenshot (46).png

Sit back and relax. It may take a while.

Screenshot (47).png

Now it has been successfully installed but we still have few steps before it done.

Screenshot (48).png

Left click on your mouse and extract the Magix.VEGAS.Pro file.

Screenshot (49).png

Open the extracted file and click on the ‘patch’ one to run it.

Screenshot (50).png

It’s done now!

Screenshot (51).png

This is how it look inside.

Screenshot (53).png

You might fail in the first try but keep trying. It worth the effort. Remember to uninstall the software (just in case if you can’t run it after installing it for the first time) before you reinstall it. Good luck.

PS: If my instruction is not clear enough,you can watch the video below..






18 thoughts on “How To Download Sony Vegas Pro 15 (For Free!)

  1. Kalau nak start buat video editing dan vlog upload ke youtube. Memang software Sony Vegas ni ruby recommend sangat. Masa guna Windows dulu, akak guna video editor ni. Simple dan cepat faham.


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