Best Video Editing Software Ever! (And It’s Free)


Assalammualaikum wbt.

Ahhhhh,my favourite moment is here! Holiday! Well,my holiday. I have to spend most of my time at home,uwaaa if like this la I could die of boredom wei. Anyway,I have two months of honeymoon before 2018 and obviously much time to kill which I spent much on sleeping Zzz.

..and the moment the truth..

I found a great software for video editing! *syok sendiri applause*

Why is it great?

  • Easy to use especially for those who are really bad in video editing
  • The most updated one wei!
  • Easy to download

And the most important one,IT IS FREE OF CHARGE so it’s a best software for students or any teenager that are interested in starting a video blog.

Actually,this software is quite familiar among us. It is Sony Vegas Pro 15. For those who never heard it or want to know more about it,you can click the link below.

Vegas Pro Wikipedia

Sony Vegas Pro 15 is the newest and the most updated software (well for now). It was officially released on 28th August 2017. It has a lot new and better feature than the previous version.

Features include:

  • Instant time freeze
  • Select-able background shade

Watch more here..

I’m not explaining the feature here,in this article. I’m just going to share how I feel about it.

Before I discovered this version of Vegas Pro. I installed the older version of it,Sony Vegas Pro 13. Frankly speaking,I’m not really interested in it at the first try and I spent almost three hours to download it. It’s quite complicated and hard to understand. Anyway,it’s a good version too but we already have Vegas Pro 15. Why don’t we try it?

I downloaded Sony Vegas Pro 5 yesterday. The procedure was not as hard as I thought but yet it was not as easy as you thought. You might give up several times but it worth the effort. It didn’t take as much time as Vegas Pro 13 did,trust me. You could do it in an hour or less.

I spent my whole night figure out how does it work,the feature and how to render the  file into video.  I’ll be explaining the feature and simple tutorial to master it and create your first awesome video in my articles soon.

Wait for it!



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