Knowing Soo Better


Assalammualaikum wbt

So I found this challenge somewhere and it’s quite interesting actually. Let’s get this!

Soo’s Latest Picture and Seven Facts About Soo


Not the newest but this is the latest since I don’t really like to take a picture of myself daily.

Five Facts About Soo

1.Annoying Tahap Dewa

For those who just met me,you might find me quite annoying. I’ll try to bite your arm but don’t worry to much,I’m an omnivore but human taste way too weird so I’m not going to eat you!

2.EXO’s Die-Hard-Fan

You’ll find nothing but EXO’s pictures in my phone,laptop or even my album. EXO’s videos in my Youtube suggestion. Yerp and of course 95% of my playlist is EXO’s songs.

3.Loves Novel

I can spend my whole day with any novel,English,Malay even Chinese,you choose! My life is not complete without novel. I always bring at least one novel with me wherever I go so I can read it whenever I want to.


I prefer something more quiet like reading books in library over those noisy activities,what they called? Err,’social’ activities? Nah,obviously not my things.


I thought I was cursed,it turns out I’m just way too clumsy. I always run into walls and poles,haih clumsy me! The stairs just freaking hate me and gravity is definitely my biggest foe.


I can barely remember what I eat or wear yesterday. Sometimes I even forget my own birthday. How forgetful I am? I was going to do something just now but then I got distracted for literally 0.5 seconds and forgot….ngia!


I like talking to myself,no it’s not because I’m crazy or lonely. It’s just I can’t find someone else to argue with. Laughing and talking when I’m completely alone without realizing it had became my habit so please stop calling me weird:) *friendly hug*



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