Hello October?


Assalammualaikum wbt

What’s up?

Yas. I’m free. Finally! Three days battling after three years training. Ya,I’m talking about PT3. Forget about it. PT3 Soo habis dah! I’m not going to mumble about how fast time flies but that’s exactly what I’m going to do right now. Everyone is quite busy with their own business lately so I spend much time alone. I got a lot of time to read all my novels and watch all my downloaded movies. So basically I have no time to care about my loneliness. Nge,I’m not going to talk about this again.

My PT3?

Past is past. Although I really kecewa about it,I know I can do nothing now except praying while waiting for the result. I’m not really excited about PT3 but yet it’s still scared me. I just can’t forget how I can’t sleep at night before Science paper because I’m way too risau about it. Or the moment I went out after I’ve done my Mathematics paper. I’ve never feel that exhausted before,it feels like I’ve been running for days non-stop with no water or food.

Any miracles?

Ya! I’m having a short vacation in KL. It’s really short yet I enjoyed it. I think I’ve changed a lot (I guess lol) I’ve never enjoyed my vacation this way before. I’m not that type who likes to take any picture or something like that. To me,experience is just an ordinary thing and nothing to proud of. But lately,I take many pictures with my phone and camera. I enjoyed the different culture and also not-so-different language. We’re talking the same language but it sounds really different. Love it how my brother tried to blend in and ended up messed with his own words. Learnt something new! You don’t mess with red food if you can’t handle it. I’m not a spicy food eater. Everything is way too spicy! It’s not my first time here but since I really tried my best to learn new things and broaden my horizon,I finally have a different feel for this vacation. It is sort of…erm I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s just awksome! Awkward yet awesome.

My mind lately…

Kusut. Kusut. Kusut. Don’t ask me why because I don’t even know why. Something’s bugging me especially after-PT3 activities! I’m hoping for quiet environment after PT3 where I can read or simply do nothing but it’s a vice versa. They served me with such a noisy mates and told me to do weird things.(It’s not weird la,I just hate this what they call,err social activity? Laa sangat) No,I’m not telling you more about this. They will kill me if they see this ;p. Beware of mata-mata!!


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