Soo and Blogging…


Assalammualaikum wbt

Is it too early for me to write this? I’m still an amateur blogger tho..There’s nothing much to write but let’s break this down!

I’ve been blogging since April,well that’s why I called myself an amateur. My first blog is >>>Flick The Switch and it is about energy efficiency. I believe some of you had visited this blog. Like I told you in my previous article,I’m writing those articles for a competition organised by Hari Pengguna Malaysia. I’ve been wanting to start a blog since 2016 but back then I can’t find any motives to start a blog but I do write some articles in my old blog,yea I deleted it because I found it less interesting. So technically,I’m unofficially start blogging since 2016 but ignore that. Past is past. 2017 is a better year for me to start doing something.


My biggest dilemma is me,myself. I’m a really insecure girl. Plus,my grammar is really bad. I don’t know why I keep pushing myself to write my articles (well,some of my articles) in English language. You know everyone’s keep telling me that I can always write it in Malay,why make things hard? That’s Soo. Soo will do anything to make easy things hard,hard things harder,hardest things worst. No,I’m not blogging in English because I don’t respect my mother tongue. I just love it like this. Ya I know. My English is not the best but at least you guys can understand it. That’s makes me feel million times better,you know.

Ever thinking about giving up?


Yea,once eh thousand times. As I told you before,I’m a insecure person. People keep pulling me down and that’s really broke my heart,makes me wanna stop but after thinking about how hard it is to brush this not-really-talented-talent. I shouldn’t give up.


Well,nothing new. I’m still going to write and publish my articles every four days,so stay tuned for it. By the way,I’ve been thinking about publishing articles every three days after I finish my PT3 examination.

Any last word?

Woah,hold on there. It’s not like I’m going to leave soon but why does it sounds like I’m going to..nge forget that. My last word? Hurm,keep visiting my not-so-great-blog and don’t be shy to drop your thoughts in the comment section. You may suggest anything such as review on movie,tips on how-to articles or anything. I’ll be really honoured to write about it.

Have a good sleep,readers. Ta-ta I’m going.


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