Hey September?


Assalammualaikum wbt

I almost can’t believe it. September dah? I really hate how time flies so fast but I guess it gonna be worst if it goes slower.

Any miracle in September?


Well no! PT3 is around the corner and I’m still here writing this article. I mean seriously Soo? You’re going to be like this forever? It’s time to change. Okay enough about me. So miracle..erm yerp there aren’t any but nge I think a-week-holiday-without-any-homework is miracle right? Oh ya,EXO’s making their comeback this month. I’m super excited ’bout it. The whole eclipse thing makes me confuse but still EXO excites me with their wonderful-yet-ridiculous-plan-that-was-planned-by-sm-since-I-was-born concepts. Don’t forget Sherlock-L theories. EXO comeback was on 5 September. I’ve been waiting for their repackage comeback way too long. I watched the music video and you know what it’s giving me serious headache. Why? The whole thing makes me more confuse! SERIOUSLY. I almost can’t sleep at night thinking about it. By the way,their new song ‘Sweet Lies’ is really something. It’s giving me soothing yet weird vibe. ‘Boomerang’ is a good song too. It’s hyping me up but to be honest I love their previous ‘The War’ comeback more. Like their ‘The Eve’ song,their voice *ehem* I mean their dance or both? Nge,’The Eve’ choreography is my favourite,it’s look like ‘Artificial Love 2.0’. This is one of my favourite ‘The Eve’ stage.

What’s up?

I went on vacation last week. Yea,it’s great. Jangan kata Soo tak payung kay! These are some pictures that I took with my phone camera,so don’t expect any perfect picture since I’m not a professional photographer with a sophisticated camera…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I like how books make someone look more sophisticated and awesome

Hey,I bought a book. It’s from my favourite publisher,FIXI. Sadly,I can’t publish any review since my seriously-really-important exam is in less than two months so I don’t really have time to read and write a review about it.

My mind lately

Uhh,I don’t really like to write about this but something’s bugging me lately. I’m having same weird dreams and I died in that dream. Creepy right. Looking it in a positive way,I think I can write a short story because the dream itself had a great story line(if I have time lol). Wait for it.

My PT3?

I told ya,I’m not 100% ready for it. It’s less than 40 days and I’m still on internet watching Youtube,listening to EXO’s song. Ngia,I guess I need to start doing revision now. Okay! I’m going. Adios.

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